Wisdom & Awakenings

Trauma Healing, Navigating Planetary Shifts & Attuning To A Higher Frequency

It has been awhile since I have sent out an email to my entire community and it is my intention to welcome you back into my world with greater ease, grace and wellness as we move into 2022.

The past year has been a time of growth and evolution for many of us.

We knew there would be great changes arising within humanity as we entered into 2021.

During our last community Zoom call, we discussed the 3 ways to prepare for the upcoming planetary shifts. 

  1. Researching knowledge outside of what you know to be true and challenging some of your deeper beliefs.
  2. Preparing for disruptions to supply chain, financial, medical and governmental systems.
  3. Aligning your mind, body and soul with the nourishment needed to move through these bumpy times ahead.

As we honor the closing of another year, I recorded an audio transmission for you to examine some of the areas you are navigating in your life as we celebrate the changing tides.

May the new year bring you more love, kindness and...


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