"Cherie Aimée is a world renowned near-death survivor who flatlined for ninety minutes."

Her story went viral on YouTube with over 4.7 Million views from her interview with Megyn Kelly.

No One Understands Your Story Better Than You, So Live Your Life Now



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Welcome, Wise Soul!
 name is Cherie Aimée.

I am a mentor, speaker and intuitive guide for the seasoned business woman, coach + visionary who is feeling stuck in an outdated paradigm and is ready to redefine her life in devotion to the exploration of self-mastery, true freedom of the soul and the creation of her greatest legacy.

Is this you? If so, read on!

As an evolutionary wise leader, you understand that the world is rapidly changing. You are awake to the truth that the world you grew up in is, in fact, an illusion. A falsely-constructed reality, architected in the minds of humans - thousands of years ago - using highly advanced, military-grade technology, half-truth narratives and unfathomable, trauma-inducing psychological warfare to install division, pain and suffering throughout the world.

You are witnessing the systematic collapse of an old era. An end of a cycle that was never designed for the future health and wealth of humanity. Not everyone is ready or will be ready for the great revelation of our lifetime - and that is okay.

Your ability to hold space for the conscious ascension of humanity, while simultaneously observing the devolution of an old world, is the evolutionary path you are being called to walk with deep compassion, gratitude and grace.

Being called into this initiation, does not necessarily mean you feel ready. It will challenge you to face, heal and integrate all of your deepest wounds. There are levels of pain and grief to be loved and nurtured as you navigate this inner quest. However, you will feel the brighter path begin to unfold before you as you deepen your devotion to God's purpose for you.

The next season of your life is an integrative journey and deep remembrance of who you are and why you are here, at this time, in humanity's evolutionary transition.

As you heal, integrate and forgive the generational and ancestral wounds of your past, you will uncover a whole new creation waiting to be birthed from the purest essence of your heart.

As a wise soul, you see what many others around you cannot see - and that is what makes you a part of a lineage of deep wisdom to bring forth and help guide the future of humanity.

Together, we get to be the gentle elders who oversee a world beyond worlds, where benevolent dreams of the soul are birthed, decentralized solutions evolve and all sentient life forms co-exist in harmonic resonance within the earthly realm.

This is the path to the creation of Heaven on Earth.

As a high-performance business leader for over 20 years in technology and development, I know the challenging process it takes to slow down your nervous system, purify your deepest fears and attune to the frequency of your highest potential.

I know how painful, heart-breaking and scary it can feel when the people around you no longer resonate or align with the message you are being called to express from the core of your soul.

Your calling is guiding you to move through this transition in order to honor your sacred well-being, bravely hold your purest essence and, ultimately, unleash God's greatest mission for you.

If you are highly committed to your evolutionary growth and devoted to aligning with God's spiritual path for you, allow me to guide you on an inner quest into true freedom and the embodiment of your wise soul's highest visionary creation - guided by your purity and led by grace.

Note: 3, 6 or 9 month mentorship opportunities are available for seasoned business leaders and creative visionaries who are highly committed to personal expansion and long-term business growth.

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“A well-known medical miracle to the world’s leading cardiothoracic surgeons.

Statistically NDEs affect just 5% of the population—we can all gain value and perspective from those who live to tell about one.” -Forbes

"I’m so glad you’re doing well, Cherie. You have your new heart. You look amazing. And thank you for telling your story."

Megyn Kelly, TV Media Journalist
NBC TODAY interview that garnered 4.7 million views on YouTube

"I know Cherie’s story personally. It took a series of miracles just to get her to be sitting next to me. Glad you’re doing well, Cherie. Thanks for sharing your story. "

Dr. Mehmet Oz, TV Media Host
Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Host of The Dr. Oz Show

"Stunningly transcendent NDE due to very prolonged cardiac arrest."

Dr. Jeffrey Long, Near-Death Expert
Founder of Near Death Experience Research Foundation & New York Times Best Selling Author

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For seasoned business women who have evolved beyond the old paradigm of success and are ready to embark on an inner quest of self-mastery, true freedom of the soul and the creation of their greatest legacy.

What Is Solomon Syndrome?

Join in on this fascinating discussion of Cherie's journey growing up with a love of science, space, technology and spiritual wisdom. Cherie says that there is one core question we must each ask ourselves, along our journey to acquire more knowledge and wisdom. 

If we knew who we really were and where we came from, would we be able to handle the influx of such an extensive amount of knowledge, wisdom, and truth? Or, would our conscious minds shatter under the weight of so many hidden secrets to the creation of life on earth?”

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