"Cherie Aimée is a world renowned near-death survivor who flatlined for ninety minutes."

Her story went viral on YouTube with over 4.9 Million views from her interview with Megyn Kelly.

Are you looking for a top, global speaker who will leave your audience absolutely speechless?

There is so much wisdom and healing to be gained from the near-death experience. Cherie Aimée is back doing interviews to help bring ease, comfort and guidance during the greatest global transformation in the history of humanity.

“A well-known medical miracle to the world’s leading cardiothoracic surgeons.

Statistically NDEs affect just 5% of the population—we can all gain value and perspective from those who live to tell about one.” -Forbes

"I’m so glad you’re doing well, Cherie. You have your new heart. You look amazing. And thank you for telling your story."

Megyn Kelly, TV Media Journalist
NBC TODAY interview that garnered 4.9 million views on YouTube

"I know Cherie’s story personally. It took a series of miracles just to get her to be sitting next to me. Glad you’re doing well, Cherie. Thanks for sharing your story. "

Dr. Mehmet Oz, TV Media Host
Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Host of The Dr. Oz Show

"Stunningly transcendent NDE due to very prolonged cardiac arrest."

Dr. Jeffrey Long, Near-Death Expert
Founder of Near Death Experience Research Foundation & New York Times Best Selling Author

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“It was an honor to play a guest role in a major film that has such deep meaning to me and my personal near-death experience.

Wander Darkly is the best film I have seen yet that accurately portrays the layered realms of both the near-death experience and the shattering aftermath of such a traumatic event. A very special thank you to Film Writer & Director, Tara Miele, for inviting me to be part of the film.” —Cherie Aimée, World Renowned Near-Death Survivor, Speaker & Mentor

What It Takes To Heal Trauma-Induced Distortion, Access Your Sacred Gifts and Uncover Your Greatest Legacy

The world as we once knew it is collapsing, and with that collapse comes an opportunity for something new to be birthed within you.

Join Cherie Aimée and Ruby Fremon, host of Potent Truth, for a conversation that will open your eyes to the possibility found within the chaos we are experiencing in our society.

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Dead for 90 Minutes With Medical Miracle, Cherie Aimée 

“There was this voice in my head. Something telling me that I was going to die.” – Cherie Aimée

 A powerful 2-part podcast episode featuring Cherie Aimée's world renowned near-death experience. Hosted by Zach Luz, Guided's podcast feature takes a deep dive into Cherie's extraordinary afterlife journey the day she died for over 90 minutes.

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The Holy Trinity of Science-Spirit-Wisdom, An Interview With Cherie Aimée

Listen to a fascinating discussion between Cherie Aimée and Ivonne Delaflor, host of the Spirituality Now Podcast regarding life as we know it. Cherie shares part of her journey growing up with a love of science fiction, ancient history, art and philosophy. Her childhood curiosity and passions were taken to new heights after her near-death experience in 2010. She has since begun to understand that there is one core question we must each ask ourselves, along our journey of awakening to the truth of who we are.

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