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Healing From Debilitating Chronic Pain: Why I Chose Wholistic Physical Therapy

functional medicine health technology lifestyle physical therapy regenerative health trauma healing Feb 14, 2023

After 13 years of struggling with debilitating, chronic pain and fatigue from my near-death experience, I discovered Wholistic Physical Therapy in New York—and my life forever changed for the better.

Scott van Niekerk, PT,  Owner & Director of the beautiful, whole-body healing clinic located in Brewster, New York, introduced me to the power of innovative functional medicine therapies to accelerate my physical recovery at the cellular level.

“Our patients are our North Star.” -Scott van Niekerk

With Scott’s guidance, therapies and professional staff, I was able to drastically reduce my chronic pain, eliminate adrenal fatigue and restore my body to optimal health.

As a cancer survivor and heart transplant recipient with sensitive early childhood trauma and debilitating life-saving injuries from CPR and life-support, his clinic has been critical in my recovery.

Here are 11 groundbreaking reasons to partner with Wholistic Physical Therapy in your healing journey:

  1. A gentle and nourishing center for healing. Nestled away in the beautiful countryside of New York, Wholistic Physical Therapy is a gentle and safe healing clinic that feels more like a spa than a traditional physical therapy center. A nourishing environment that offers its patients an intimate and cozy place to learn, heal and grow, while giving the body what it needs to strengthen and regenerate.
  2. Personal attention and individualized treatment plans. Unlike traditional physical therapy centers, patients receive 1-hour private treatment sessions. Scott shares, "Our patients are our North Star." His goal is to ensure his patients feel seen, heard and understood at every stage of their healing process. Treatment plans differ and are designed individualized for each person.
  3. The opportunity to experience a pain-free, active lifestyle. Under the care of highly trained practitioners and the latest in groundbreaking, functional medicine therapies, a pain-free active lifestyle becomes possible. Whether injuries are recent or decades old, Wholistic Physical Therapy reawakens the body's innate ability to heal at the cellular level.
  4. The most profound form of bodywork and manual therapy. Wholistic Physical Therapy offers Myofascial Release, also known as MFR, which is a mild form of stretching and balancing that can reduce pain, improve mobility and restore a sense of wholeness within the body. The body’s fascial system is an interconnected system that, when compromised through injury or trauma, can greatly impact the health and wellbeing of the body. MFR is the best form of bodywork with a profound effect on the body’s deep tissue. It combines “off the body” energy work to gentle pressure, to deep and very deep pressure when it is appropriate.
  5. A comprehensive whole-body exercise program. Wholistic Physical Therapy’s Therapeutic Exercise Program combines a comprehensive, whole-body evaluation with on-site and at-home exercise protocols. These may involve stretches, strengthening and stability exercises. Education is also a vital component and may include issues such as posture, correction biomechanics and ergonomics. When you are open and committed to the healing process, Wholistic Physical Therapy will empower you to reclaim your health, vitality and wellbeing.
  6. A variety of modalities to support your healing. Additional therapies include Craniosacral, Feldenkrais®️ Movement Therapy, McKenzie and a highly customized, small, weekly yoga class.
  7. Whole food nutrition support and counseling. Building a solid nutritional foundation for your body is essential to reducing pain and inflammation. Guided counseling in healthy nutrition choices, Whole Food Nutrition powders and diet changes will support the microbiome and your healing process. Additional education helps you to follow through at home. 
  8. VR meditation opens you up to a world of beauty, wonder and awe. As new, innovative therapies are discovered, Wholistic Physical Therapy offers patients the opportunity to expand their thinking beyond traditional healing modalities. VR Meditation opens you up to a world of psychedelic images, breathing exercises, guided meditations and sounds designed to calm the mind. 
  9. Red light therapy improves cellular health and regeneration. Near Infrared Light Therapy, another groundbreaking tool offered to patients is designed to reduce pain, relax muscles/joints, and increase blood circulation. 
  10. Most insurance providers are accepted. Wholistic Physical Therapy is an out-of-network provider for most insurance and in-network for Medicare. 
  11. The owner is a master of his craftScott van Niekerk, Owner & Director, is a compassionate and highly skilled New York State licensed Physical Therapist. He founded and opened Wholistic Physical Therapy in 2002, fulfilling his vision of creating a sacred space that treats the entire human being rather than the more fragmented approach of western medicine. With over 20 years in business, Scott brings a fresh, new perspective to the healing process. He goes above and beyond for his dedicated patients and makes physical therapy so much fun. Without a doubt, Scott is a master of his craft. 

As a high-impact visionary, storyteller and survivor of extreme trauma and physical injury, I can honestly say that there is something uniquely beautiful about embarking on a journey toward sustainable wellbeing.

When you are open and committed to the healing process, Wholistic Physical Therapy will empower you to reclaim your health, vitality and wellbeing.

The human body is constantly seeking homeostasis--a state of harmony and coherence within itself and its relationship to the world around it.

I believe that cultivating a deeper presence within the body is the gateway to grace and the pathway to true healing and rejuvenation.

A few of the many conditions Wholistic Physical Therapy treats include Myofascial pain, back, neck and joint pain, headaches and migraines, Fibromyalgia and other connective-tissue disorders, inflammation, and microbiome imbalances.

If you are suffering from chronic pain, inflammation or other health challenges, I highly recommend scheduling an evaluation with Wholistic Physical Therapy and taking the time to learn more about the regenerative power of the human body.

Wholistic Physical Therapy has shown me that when I provide my body with the right tools, nutrients and a healthy ecosystem, it has an extraordinary ability to self-heal and create new life


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