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My Near-Death Story: Cosmic Body Podcast With Danielle Paige

cancer journey cardiac arrest interview media near-death experience trauma healing Feb 18, 2023


“Beyond beautiful story and so amazingly DEEP. I stayed from beginning to end. Can't wait to re-listen again.”

The first week of February, I sent a text message to my friend, Danielle. “I’ll be in Miami next week! I have no idea what my schedule will be, but there is a possibility I could meet up on Thursday or Friday. Are you available by any chance?”

In early 2021, Danielle Paige, Consciousness Guide & Astrologer, graciously invited me on her Cosmic Body Podcast. Unfortunately, the timing was not right. 

Shortly afterward, I took a semi-hiatus from social media to explore healing the chronic, long-term debilitating pain I was experiencing from my near-death experience

We hadn’t spoken much since earlier that year, but I couldn’t visit Miami and not attempt to reconnect.

After a few back-and-forth text exchanges, not knowing if our schedules would fit, I arrived in Miami and everything aligned. I was on my way to meet Danielle in person for the first time! 

We toured her beautiful home, which overlooks the crystal, turquoise waters on Miami Beach, ordered an exquisite lunch and made the podcast interview happen.

We laughed, we cried and overall created a heart-warming experience for each other and all who continue to cozy up and listen deeply from the heart.

The overwhelming, beautiful response to our interview together has left me filled with an immense amount of gratitude and joy.

Here are 4 main topics we discussed surrounding my near-death story on the Cosmic Body Podcast.

  1. How I became sick with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma despite being healthy. Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is a highly treatable form of cancer. At the time of my diagnosis in 2008, my treatment protocol involved six months of chemotherapy. Ultimately, my cancer went into remission. However, ten months later everything changed.
  2. The extraordinary story and trauma of my cardiac arrest and death, after six months of chemotherapy treatment. You are sure to be left in awe by a story as wild and multi-layered as my near-death experience. What it took for me to still be alive today will blow your mind. If you have ever wondered about how I could be ‘dead for over 90 minutes’ and still survive, take the time to listen to a deeper discussion of the miracles that unfolded that near-fatal day.
  3. How I had to learn to share my story in a way that connects to millions of lives. As much as my story has been shared all over the world, it was not easy to get into the media. I had to work extremely hard to share such a devastating, complex and layered story in a way that would touch the hearts and souls of millions of lives. Major media outlets approached me after years of authentically sharing on social media. Recently, I allowed myself to begin sharing more of the deeper layers surrounding such a profound experience.
  4. Crossing over into the after realm, the beings I met and my extraordinary life review. My near-death experience shattered my perception of reality and how the cosmic world operates. It has taken almost 13 years to integrate the insights gained from such a profound experience—and embody the strength and courage to share it with others.

I have never had so many beautiful souls, take in and receive my near-death experience message so openly—and then be able to articulate back to me the profound impact my story is having on their lives.

“Mind. Blown. The universe conspired HARD to help her stay on this earth. She is such a gift.”


“I watched the whole thing and I'm still processing the downloads it gave me. Getting out of assembly-line linear time and into our true cosmic creative nature. That is our birthright and the place we're meant to create from. Thank you both so much from my whole heart!”


“This was such a fascinating interview. I've listened three times!”


“Had the gift of hearing this live. It was so beautiful, moving and powerful. Touches deeply on every level.”


“So so powerful. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Just incredible on all levels.”


“Wow, just wow so potent. Whole thing was so activating and validating so many of my spiritual experiences and [inner] knowings.”


My heart is overflowing with so much gratitude. A very special thank you to Danielle for helping me share the beginnings of a much deeper conversation that I believe humanity is ready to have about healing, our true origins and why we are here on the planet.

You can find the interview on iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher.



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