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There Is Light In The Dark

grief Jan 17, 2024

“The light is in the dark. You have to embrace the dark to get to the light. It can be excruciatingly painful, at times. But, the deep, sacred and embodied love, on the other side of diving into the pain, is so beautiful and makes it all worth it" -Cherie Aimee

These words echo the essence of our shared journey through grief and perfectly leads us to the  doorway of the fourth stage, Depression. 

As we stand at the precipice of this emotional landscape, the weight of reality descends upon us. The acknowledgment of loss, the gut-wrenching sensation that someone or something dear is no longer with us, becomes palpable. In our relentless pursuit of happiness, particularly in the western world, this stage is often medicated or wished away. However, depression is not a sign of failure. It is a normal feeling when moving through grief. It is a vulnerable yet courageous descent into the depths of our shared human experience reflecting the profound extent of our love. 

My near-death experience revealed a profound truth, that darkness is an opportunity, an opening to raise our consciousness, align with our core values, and reshape our perception of reality.

Depression, although challenging and often unwanted, can be viewed as a profound gift. While it may feel like an arduous trek through darkness, the resilience it fosters and the insights gained bring solace, understanding, and as I said in the beginning, beauty awaits us on the other side.  

Grieving is not easy and it can be uncomfortable to move through alone. If the weight of your journey feels heavy, you are not alone, there are hands ready to hold yours through this tender period.


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