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Join the IANDS 2023 Near-Death Experience Conference

near-death experience speaking events Jul 12, 2023

Earlier this year, my dear friend, Jody Long, and I celebrated the acceptance of our speaking proposal to the IANDS 2023 Near-Death Conference in Washington, DC.

“Congratulations! Your proposal titled, Transformation from the darkness to the light, has been accepted for the 2023 IANDS Conference in beautiful Washington, DC! Your proposal was chosen from more than 220 submissions! We are thrilled to give you a stage to share your message.” IANDS.org

IANDS, International Association for Near-Death Studies, hosts the largest annual near-death experience conference and this year the theme is, Inspired to Loving Action: The Transformative Power of Near-Death and Related Experiences.

Jody approached me asking if I would be interested in co-facilitating a talk with her at the conference on love.

If you do not know who Jody is, you will very soon learn more about this incredible powerhouse of a woman.

Jody runs NDERF, the largest near-death experience (NDE) website in the world. She is a brilliant lawyer with a passion for near-death experiences and all things mystical. I absolutely love the conversations we have together and the two of us have a special treat coming up to share with you as we prepare for our talk in Washington, DC.

Jody’s husband is Dr. Jeffrey Long, the Founder of NDERF, Near Death Experience Research Foundation, and NY Times Best Selling Author of, Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences. He is an expert and medical researcher on near-death experiences and frequently appears on major television and film productions.

The 3 of us will be speaking at the IANDS Conference, scheduled August 30th through September 3rd.

To purchase your tickets for the event, click here.

Near-death experiences (NDEs) and related experiences often inspire and nurture compassion, creativity, and curiosity, leading to closer relationships, deeper spiritual practices, and generosity toward others.

Opening to a sense of oneness of life and purpose creates positive repercussions. Inspired loving action includes experiencers sharing their NDEs and related experiences, researchers helping the world better understand such experiences and their implications, healthcare professionals responding constructively to patients' and clients' reports of such experiences, and educators sharing this significant knowledge with the public.

IANDS’s 2023 Conference presenters will touch on the myriad of ways that NDEs and related experiences have inspired loving action in the realm of relationships, education, research, healthcare, creative expression, and spirituality.

AUGUST 30 - SEPTEMBER 3 in Washington, DC 
at the Doubletree by Hilton 
300 Army Navy Dr. Arlington, VA 22202

Learn more at the official conference website: https://conference.iands.org/



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