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Get Glowing Skin From the Inside-Out With Plant-Based Essentials

nutrition plant-based skincare Jul 29, 2023

Glowing skin is in, and it starts on the inside. Proper circulation is important for healthy skin. It ensures nutrients and oxygen reach your skin tissue, giving it a healthy glow.

Two double-blind, placebo-controlled studies have found that Juice Plus+ Capsules increase skin micro-circulation. One showed that Juice Plus+ Capsules increase skin micro-circulation by 39% while boosting skin hydration, thickness, and density in middle-aged women.

Juice Plus+ Essentials Fruit, Vegetable, and Berry Blends all contain acerola cherry. Acerola cherry is the most potent source of vitamin C on the planet. It possesses 65 times more vitamin C than oranges. Vitamin C also helps boost collagen production, which is critical for skin health (and it’s good for hair and nails, too).

The old adage "you are what you eat" applies to skin health and hydration, The foods you consume play a vital role in nourishing your skin from the inside-out and can have a significant impact on its overall appearance and health.


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