$350.00 USD

Intuitive Guidance Session - 60 min

Hi. My name is Cherie Aimée.

I am an Evolutionary Guide, Storyteller, Mystic & Visionary Muse.

I combine over 20 years experience in digital marketing, project management and business leadership with sacred mysticism, feminine principles and biomimicry.

I create a mystical, co-creative and customized partnership in devotion to your highest vision and service to humanity—all through the energy of delight.

During our time together, I will intuitively tap into what is best for your business, relationships and wellness offering creative inspiration and practical solutions, guiding you towards a path of success and fulfillment.

"My session with Cherie was amazing. A good friend just passed on and I had questions about the Afterlife, from her own near death experience, and about energy and how we connect so deeply with others, even if they are no visible to us physically anymore. I feel so grateful for speaking with Cherie and her warm sounding voice so full of compassion and understanding. I feel calmer having spoken with Cherie and I highly recommend sessions with her!" - Dana Scanlan, Founder of Yoga Dance Hilo (Hawaii)

"Your wisdom is like a guiding beacon. I love how you always make the best of every situation and direct people back to the grounding of who they are; honoring their gifts and being true to themselves. That is the ultimate success" - Jill Walls 


*Please note: Your date of birth, birth time and location of birth are required for me to best assist you on your evolutionary path. You will be asked to provide this information at the time you book your session on my calendar. 

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Cherie Aimée is a world renowned near-death survivor, storyteller, and consultant to celebrity A-list actors, top filmmakers, TV producers and directors. She is an award-winning, global speaker who has spoken alongside leading experts in medicine, technology, spirituality, trauma healing, holistic health, and near-death studies. Cherie has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, ABC, FOX, NBC TODAY Show, Forbes, NHK, Nasdaq, Inc. Magazine and the Lionsgate movie, Wander Darkly. Her interview with Megyn Kelly went viral with over 6 Million views on YouTube.

Cherie considers herself a humble student of life. Her studies, work and ongoing projects center around human consciousness and the rebirth of the authentic self. She is trauma-informed in nervous system health, inherited family trauma and somatic embodiment.