$225.00 USD

Health Practitioner Discovery Consultation - 45 min

During our initial consultation, we will discuss how we can support you in expanding your vision as a health practitioner, entrepreneur and community leader. 

We offer various programs to suite the financial budget and needs of your health practice to:

  1. Map your transformational brand story and vision
  2. Build leadership skills, confidence in speaking, educating your audience, sharing your services with a wider audience
  3. Overcome hesitation around business expansion as more people learn about your work
  4. Create powerful partnerships to expand your business with greater ease, less stress and less work
  5. Add residual income streams to existing business that benefit business financial profit and health + wellbeing of your patients, clients and customers

As a bonus, clients in our practitioner programs also receive additional advisory and education on:

  • How to ethically navigate working with trauma and supporting your clients in a safe and loving environment. All based on the latest, ground-breaking research.
  • How to prevent burnout and 8 pillars for self-care (for practitioners)

Additional support options we can discuss: Social media management and website management or blog creation

This consultation is for health and healing arts practitioners such as:

  •  Doctors & Surgeons
  •  Founders of Healing Centers
  •  Physical Therapists
  •  Chiropractors
  •  Functional Movement Therapists
  •  Yoga Teachers
  •  Massage Therapists
  •  Sound Healers, Vibrational Energy
  •  Reiki Practitioners
  •  Storytellers & Creative Artists
  •  Nutritionists
  •  Health & Wellness Coaches