You Were Born For A Reason

ascension awakening purpose Mar 28, 2021

What if I told you that you can create your world?

I am not referring to a world filled with materialistic desires, fancy brand names and a lust for more, but rather a world structurally designed according to your soul's true essence.

Yes, it is possible. Although, you were never made aware of this knowledge or possibility. You have been hidden from the truth of your ancient lineage for lifetimes.

The chaos occurring in the external world is nothing more than humanity as a whole being restored to its divine purpose after thousands of years of the hijacking, manipulation and suppression of your conscious awareness.

If you found my near-death story online, you have most likely only heard a small fraction of my adventures in the other-dimensional realms. The public has not been ready for my full story of crossing over, until now.

From a galactic perspective, time as we know it is speeding up. The transformation is akin to a mother getting ready to give birth to new life and the baby traveling down through the birthing canal.

There may be pain and a bit of chaos in the delivery room but eventually, new life finds its way.

You are living in the most pivotal time in the history of human evolution. You are being called to remember your true origins. It is time to activate your original human light-body matrix and ascend.

If you have ever doubted your worth or reason for being alive, I can assure you, you have a unique soul signature within the infinite cosmos and there is a very special reason why you exist.

This is the lifetime you will remember your reason for being here on Planet Earth.

Love Cherie Aimée

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Cherie Aimée is a Near-Death Survivor, Thought Leader and Visionary who flatlined for over 90 minutes and shares her remarkable story of crossing over. She is also an international transformation leader in emerging technology, medicine and wellness. Cherie has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, Megyn Kelly TODAY, Forbes, Nasdaq and Inc.

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