What Is Authentic Awareness?

Authentic awareness is the expansion of one’s conscious perspective of the self and the world around it. A return to harmonic resonance through knowledge, experience and wisdom — and the use of gentle healing tools, deep contemplation and integration. 

Logic and reason are activated in the mind. Authentic awareness is activated through the mind-body-heart connection.

To keep up with the planetary upgrades currently taking place, it will be essential for every human to work on expanding their authentic awareness.

Why is it necessary to increase your authentic awareness?

Decades of trauma to the natural human light-body matrix, through harmful sound frequencies, distorted narratives and harmful toxins, must be reversed to raise the consciousness level of humanity.

You and your fellow humans are ascending into a golden age of hyper-dimensional awareness and innovation, which is why enhancing your innate ability to see, feel and connect with the bigger perspective of life is so critical to your growth.

There are a few essential benefits to cultivating this practice.

  1. Remembering your purpose
  2. Simplifying your lifestyle
  3. Detoxing your mind-body complex
  4. Nourishing your heart center
  5. Relieving your fear of death
  6. Enhancing your creative potential

The biggest reason for activating your authentic awareness involves a topic we will discuss as we dive deeper into humanity’s true origins.

For now, you must understand the healing process and reversal of ancestral trauma which will allow you to evolve into the next stage of your human evolution. 

Love Cherie Aimée

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Cherie Aimée is a Near-Death Survivor, Thought Leader and Visionary who flatlined for over 90 minutes and shares her remarkable story of crossing over. She is also an international transformation leader in emerging technology, medicine and wellness. Cherie has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, Megyn Kelly TODAY, Forbes, Nasdaq and Inc.

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