Finding Yourself In A Dark Place

The global world has been shaken to its core and many are referring to this time as, The Great Awakening. A period in the history of human evolution where humanity will ascend and return to the frequency of love - no more wars, pain and suffering.

The road forward requires a level of faith many are not accustomed to, and are thus, finding themselves feeling discouraged. No one to turn to and no questions resolved.

The days ahead may feel lonely and I want to reassure you that you are not alone.

The dark night of the soul.

Finding yourself deep in depression and down a dark hole is sometimes referred to as a dark night of the soul — a spiritual crisis or internal battle between who you once were and who you are becoming.

You find yourself barely able to get out of bed or catch your breath in a rapidly evolving world where up is down and right is left. Nothing makes sense anymore and the push to keep showing up in the world becomes unbearable.

What do you do if you find yourself desperately searching amidst the chaos for somewhere in the world you can run away to that is safe from the insanity taking hold of you?

What do you do if there is nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide?

During these moments of life, you may find that the most sensitive wounds of your past are rising with fury from the depths of your soul. The key is to slow down and breathe.

The universal wisdom quote, “be like water,’ comes to mind. Everything your mind, body and soul needs can be found within.

Beyond the illusions.

Consider from a place of neutrality, that what what is considered in the external world to be 'of the light’ may be in actuality be a form of ‘false light’. An illusion of what society has deemed as good and worthy - where you should be placing your focus, time and energy. A perception based on how a falsified world teaches you to behave in the eyes of others. 

But, what happens when the box you are living in becomes too small for your personal growth? Grief, frustration and dissatisfaction - with life itself - begins to seep through your pores until your whole body says, “enough.”

I am going to share something with you that no one ever told me growing up. I learned it while fighting for my life for months on life-support.

What I have experienced along my journey is that true love is found in the dark. The darkness inside your soul is your true light. When you close your eyes and go within. It is your greatest source of strength, creativity and power. While the world keeps you distracted, everything you ever need can be found inside of you.

Being on life-support forced me to slow down. I had no choice.

You have a choice today to slow down and give yourself space to find clarity and deep wisdom. Attune to the frequency of innocence, purity and joy that you once had as a child.

Freedom starts from within.

Do you remember the earlier days when life was simpler? If you can not recall a time in childhood where you ever felt at peace, see if you can close your eyes and visualize yourself in a safe space that makes you smile. A brief moment of time when you can explore in your mind what it feels like to breathe freely. See if you can create space every day to remember this beautiful feeling of freedom.

What you will begin to discover is that feeling lost in the dark is the nourishing, safe cocoon you get to visit when your mind, body and spirit are calling you to realign and reintegrate with your natural essence, the purity of who you are. It is the place your new self gets to forgive, accept and honor your old self, and who you used to be, in a sacred initiative that reconciles all past wounds and alchemizes deep hurt and pain into creativity, love and joy.

How long does the dark night of the soul last? It can vary. Sometimes they are a few weeks, months or even years. If you find yourself feeling stuck after a few weeks, reach out to a trusted friend, family member or professional for help.

What it means to be human.

You are a spiritual being on a journey remembering who you are in a vast world. It is your most powerful, sacred work on the planet. Your divine purpose can not be rushed. It is a delicate unfolding that involves unlearning most of what you have been taught by the external world. At the very least, everything that is not congruent with your divine essence. The journey is a discovery of true love. The love from your awareness as connected to source creation. The love of your authentic self and not who the world told you to be.

Your purpose here on Earth, as a spiritual being housed in a human temple, is not to live in a continual state of survival and fear. It is not to keep attaching a price tag to your name for some sense of worth.

And, it is not to give endlessly unto others, in order to be seen as a good person, when it continues to deplete the very nature of your soul.

You are an immortal being here on the planet for a very special reason. When you finally learn the truth of who you are, you will discover your true divine light and instantly set yourself free.

The sacred journey of reintegration.

Ancestral healing is deep, integrative work that can help heal your wounds, your entire lineage and thousands of years of pain and suffering. The process and explorative journey can help you to break free of everything that has been holding you back from living your highest creative potential.

"Ancestral healing is the alchemical process of remembering one's true origins, discovering one's purpose and ascending into one's highest creative potential as a spiritual being in a human vessel. It is a sacred rite of passage available to anyone who is called into deep wisdom and knowledge. It is the process of focusing inwards towards one's purest soul essence. While cultivating a daily practice to detach from the lies, manipulation and discordant energies imprinted on the soul throughout all dimensions, past, present and future, the journey of ancestral healing guides the spirit inwards towards its purest essence and back to the throne of God."

You can begin by getting curious and asking "what knowledge about humanity's origin has been hidden from me?"  One simple question has the power to shift your entire world.

Start researching online and connecting with others who are on a similar path. And remember, you are an advanced soul. You are being called to awaken to the truth of your purpose. Others, who are at a different level of awakening, may not understand what you are going through. They may not be able to relate to what you are beginning to discover about life. Think of it as a sacred, spiritual quest designed specifically for you!

A new dawn is here.

You need not be afraid of this transition taking place within humanity and deep within your soul. Your destiny is slowly being revealed with more love than you have ever known. There are times where the path may feel bumpy but you are never alone.

Be gentle with yourself during this time. Make self-care a priority, nourish your body with vibrant foods and ask for help in other supportive areas as you nurture yourself back towards the light within.

If it feels aligned with your heart, you may close your eyes and repeat these words several times a day until your soul begins to ease.

“I no longer consent to the old world and old way of being. I choose to usher in a new world inspired by inner soul alignment to truth, love and the one source creation of the inter-dimensional conscious realms in which I dwell. I am sovereign and I am free. I am ready, willing and committed to my soul awakening and ascension. I honor my sacred wisdom, voice and connection to all. And so it is.”


Love Cherie Aimée

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Cherie Aimée is a Near-Death Survivor, Thought Leader and Visionary who flatlined for over 90 minutes and shares her remarkable story of crossing over. She is also an international transformation leader in emerging technology, medicine and wellness. Her work studies the intersection between science, technology and spirituality. Cherie has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, Megyn Kelly TODAY, Forbes, Nasdaq and Inc.

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