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Finding Yourself In A Dark Place

The global world has been shaken to its core and many are referring to this time as, The Great Awakening. A period in the history of human evolution where humanity will ascend and return to the frequency of love - no more wars, pain and suffering.

The road forward requires a level of faith many are not accustomed to, and are thus, finding themselves feeling discouraged. No one to turn to and no questions resolved.

The days ahead may feel lonely and I want to reassure you that you are not alone.

The dark night of the soul.

Finding yourself deep in depression and down a dark hole is sometimes referred to as a dark night of the soul — a spiritual crisis or internal battle between who you once were and who you are becoming.

You find yourself barely able to get out of bed or catch your breath in a rapidly evolving world where up is down and right is left. Nothing makes sense anymore and the push to keep showing up in the world becomes unbearable.


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What Is Authentic Awareness?

Authentic awareness is the expansion of one’s conscious perspective of the self and the world around it. A return to harmonic resonance through knowledge, experience and wisdom — and the use of gentle healing tools, deep contemplation and integration. 

Logic and reason are activated in the mind. Authentic awareness is activated through the mind-body-heart connection.

To keep up with the planetary upgrades currently taking place, it will be essential for every human to work on expanding their authentic awareness.

Why is it necessary to increase your authentic awareness?

Decades of trauma to the natural human light-body matrix, through harmful sound frequencies, distorted narratives and harmful toxins, must be reversed to raise the consciousness level of humanity.

You and your fellow humans are ascending into a golden age of hyper-dimensional awareness and innovation, which is why enhancing your innate ability to see, feel and connect with the bigger perspective of...

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You Were Born For A Reason

ascension awakening purpose Mar 28, 2021

What if I told you that you can create your world?

I am not referring to a world filled with materialistic desires, fancy brand names and a lust for more, but rather a world structurally designed according to your soul's true essence.

Yes, it is possible. Although, you were never made aware of this knowledge or possibility. You have been hidden from the truth of your ancient lineage for lifetimes.

The chaos occurring in the external world is nothing more than humanity as a whole being restored to its divine purpose after thousands of years of the hijacking, manipulation and suppression of your conscious awareness.

If you found my near-death story online, you have most likely only heard a small fraction of my adventures in the other-dimensional realms. The public has not been ready for my full story of crossing over, until now.

From a galactic perspective, time as we know it is speeding up. The transformation is akin to a mother getting ready to give birth to new life and the baby...

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