Are you feeling alone on your journey?

Guidance, spiritual tools and practical wisdom to help you navigate your life transition.

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For the woman who desires to become:

  • Healthier, stronger and happier
  • More confident in herself and the value she brings to others
  • Heard, seen and valued by those who align with her truth
  • The best she can be and get paid for it
  • A sovereign, self-sustaining woman with a successful stream of income
  • A healer with a beautiful message or spiritual gift to share with a larger community
  • Partnered with the love, friendships and lifestyle she desires most
  • Attuned to the skills, knowledge and wisdom needed for the future
  • An evolutionary leader capable of leading herself and others

My Story of How I Went From Bedridden to 4.7 Million Views on Youtube in 3 Years

Are my coaching programs and courses for you? Yes, if you are:

  • Feeling stuck, helpless, indecisive or filled with self-doubt
  • Afraid to speak your truth, share your story or let others know of your gifts
  • Confused by how to create your dream lifestyle and business
  • Experiencing unresolved childhood trauma
  • Feeling betrayed by someone or life in general
  • Burnt-out, overworked and having to sacrifice your morals, values and beliefs to afford to live
  • Always placing yourself last on your priority list
  • Managing chronic pain, illness or disability
  • Not being able to manifest the abundance + wealth you desire

Sovereign Well-Being Is Your Priority

Your body is an innate technological system that operates in cosmic union with the multidimensional realms.

By attuning to your natural human intelligence, you can return to a state of harmonic resonance and creative innovation.

The space of wholeness where ideas, solutions and creative reinvention is born.

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Meet Cherie.

Cherie Aimée is the founder of Authentic Awareness Initiative, Inc., an education platform supporting women in self-leadership.

Cherie is known for her near-death experience story in which doctors were unable to resuscitate her for over 90 minutes. Her story went viral on social media with over 4.5 Million views after her featured guest interview on NBC with Megyn Kelly.

With over 20 years business experience in emerging technologies, Cherie is a prominent ethical tech advisor and supporter of projects which empower humanity.

Cherie has spoken alongside some of the top surgeons, engineers and technology experts in the world. She has been a featured guest on The Dr. Oz Show and Megyn Kelly TODAY as well as ABC, FOX, NBC, NHK Japan, Forbes, Nasdaq and Inc.

My program immersions are exclusively curated and designed to help you feel:

  • The presence of your innate power and gifts
  • Clear on your journey and path forward
  • More confident in being uniquely you
  • Lighter and freer to be yourself
  • Healthier and re-energized
  • Attuned to your natural wisdom and intelligence
  • Excited to begin sharing your story
  • Ready to start or continue creating your sustainable business
  • Worthy of wealth, health and eternal love!
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